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      CNC Mechanical Punch Press RM11

      RM-11 CNC Mechanical Punch Press

      RM series is new generation, high accuracy, durable feature, the new design for lower turret, efficiently enhance the durable of concentricity and service life. The integration assembly, reduce floor space requirement and hydraulic, fulfill the ideal of ECO-friendly.

      Closed O Shape Frame Structure

      High Rigidity & High Stability

      The closed O shape frame structure is analyzed by the “Finite Element Analysis” software to simulate stress / strain conditions to enable the optimal structure design.

      High Tensile Strength Steel Construction

      The machine frame is welded by high tensile strength steel, which is subject to high tensile strength tests, normalization treatment and vibration stress relief so as to ensure the machine assembling accuracy.

      Transient State Analysis
      Static Analysis
      Model Analysis
      Transient State Analysis

      Compact hydraulic system

      Efficiently reduce hydraulic pipes consumption, greatly boosting capacity usage.

      Compact hydraulic system

      Integrated with O frame, Y axis chassis construction approved by ANSYS and ensures high accuracy.

      Item Unit RM11 RM11-S
      Punching Capacity Ton 20 20
      X Traverse Length mm 1250±10 1250±10
      Y Traverse Length mm 1250±10 1250±10
      Max sheet Size mm 1250*2500 1250*2500
      Max sheet Thickness mm 6.35 6.35
      Max Sheet Weight kg 110 110
      X-Axis Travel m/min 70 70
      Y-Axis Travel m/min 60 65
      Max Traverse Speed m/min 92 95.5
      Punching Speed at 25mm pitch hit/min 210 200
      Nibbling Speed hit/min 350 350
      Tool Type   Thick Turret? Thick Turret?
      Max Punching Diameter mm 88.9 88.9
      Number of Tool Station PCS 34 34
      Number of Auto Index Station PCS/Type 2/(B) 2B 2/(B) 2B
      Turret Rotating Speed rpm 30 30
      Auto Index Rotating Speed rpm 50 50
      Ram Stroke? mm 32 32
      Working Table   Brush Brush
      Supporting Ball Set   Optional Optional
      Number of Clamp PCS 2 2
      Power Supply KVA 15 15
      Air Supply NL/min 250 250
      Oil Tank Volume Litre 85 85
      Air Pressure Bar 5 5
      Machine Dimension(LxWxH) mm 4520*2640*2145 4520*2640*2145
      Machine Weight (approx.) kg 11000 11000
      Control Cabinet Dimension mm 700*525*1880 700*525*1880
      CNC Controller   FANUC Oi-PD Siemens 802d sl G/N pro
      Number of Controllable axis Axis 4 5
      Memory Capacity KB 512 3060
      Serial Interface   RS232/RJ45/PCMCIA RS232+RJ45+USB
      Accuracy mm ±0.1 ±0.1
      • Specifications are subjects to change without prior notice.
      • Acceleration / deceleration rate of X / Y-axis are dependent on weight of materials.
      • Punch speed depends on processing conditions, stroke length, acceleration / deceleration of axes speeds.


      • Supporting Ball Set
      • Anti-vibration Foot Mounts
      • Sheet Distortion Sensor
      • Heavy-duty Clamp
      • Die Holder Brush
      • Repositioning Cylinder


      • CAD/CAM Software

      Turret with 34 Stations

      • The turret is transmitted through the worm and worm gear mechanism.
        Two shafts are synchronously transmitted via a connecting rod for safe and dependable positioning.
      • The turret is designed with 34 stations, and accommodates various tool sizes from 1/2” to 3-1/4”. Changing tool size is available upon customer request.
      • Each station can be fitted with various brand tools, such as Mate and Wilson.
      • Designed with two circular track stations.
      • Replaceable bushing easy to maintain.
      Atype (1/2") MAX diameter 12.75mm 18 (14 accept shaped tools)
      Btype (1-1/4") MAX diameter 31.75mm 10 (10 accept shaped tools)
      Btype (1-1/4") MAX diameter 31.75mm 2 AUTO. INDEX
      Ctype (2") MAX diameter 50.8mm 2 (2 accept shaped tools)
      Dtype (3-1/2") MAX diameter 88.9mm 2 (2 accept shaped tools)