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      Hydraulic Servo HP1250

      Hydraulic Servo Punching Press HP1250

      HP Series for Hydraulic



      Advanced German made H+L Hydraulic system provides fast punching and high durability. Programmable top position of RAM to increase punching speed and reduce noise.

      Item Unit HP1250
      Punching Capacity Tom 30
      X Traverse Length mm 1250±10
      Y Traverse Length mm 1250±10
      Max Sheet Size mm 1250x2500
      Max Sheet Thickness mm 6.35
      Max Sheet Weight kg 110
      X Axis Traverse Speed m/min 75
      Y Axis Traverse Speed m/min 60
      Max Traverse Speed m/min 96
      Punch Speed at hist/min 280
      25mm Between Holes
      Nibbling Speed hist/min 600
      Tools Type ? Thick turret
      Max Punching Diameter mm 88.9
      Number of Tool Stations ? 36
      Number of Auto Index Stations ? 2/(BType)
      Turret Rotating Speed rpm 40
      Auto Index Rotationg Speed rpm 50
      Ram Stroke Distance mm 0~31
      Working Tables Size ? Brush
      Number of Sheet Clamps ? 2
      Power Supply KVA 25
      Air Supply NL/min 250
      Oil Tank Volume L 250
      Air Pressure bar 5
      Machine Size mm 4535x2630x2530
      Net Weight (apporx) kg 13000
      Size of Control Cabinet mm 1200x600x1900
      CNC Controller ? FANUC Oi-PC
      Number of Controllable Axes ? 4
      Memory KB 256
      Serial Interface ? RS232
      Punching Accuracy mm ±0.1
      • Specifications are subjects to change without prior notice.
      • Acceleration / deceleration rate of X / Y-axis are dependent on weight of materials.
      • Punch speed depends on processing conditions, stroke length, acceleration / deceleration of axes speeds.
      A type 1/2" MAX diameter 12.75mm 20 ( 14 accept shaped tools )
      B type 1-1/4" MAX diameter 31.75mm. Model B totally 14units,including 2 automatic rotation ones.
      D type 3-1/2" MAX diameter 88.90mm. Model D are stationary type,no automatic rotation function.