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      Horizontal Machining Center TH-630/TH-680/TH-800

      TH-630 Horizontal Machining Center

      Carefully built by Tailift, the TH-630 Horizontal Machining Center has been widely recognized by industries in machining efficiency. No matter what structural rigidity or high-speed machining, the TH-630 HMC machine will fully demonstrate its exceptional performance.

      1. Traveling column.
      2. Step type linear ways deployment on X-axis.
      3. Rotary type auto pallet change.
      4. Table indexing 1° (standard), 0.001° (optional).
      5. Max. cutting capacity ?1000mm.
      6. Three axes rapid traverse: 24 M/min. (standard), 30 M/min. (optional).
      7. Roller type linear ways on three axes.
      X, Z-axis are one-piece fabricated with high-quality cast iron so as to ensure the machine rigidity and minimum vibration. It also assists in upgrading machining accuracy.
      Automatic pallet change is driven by hydraulic cylinder, and pallet change motions can be performed by 180° rotation clockwise or counter-clockwise.
      The X, Y, Z-axis are all mounted with extra wide (SR65) heavy duty linear motion guides together with great span between linear ways, featuring heavy load resisting capability, high feed rate and low friction.
      The two linear ways on the X-axis are deployed as a step type and the step difference between linear ways reach 100mm. This design will enable the spindle head to maintain at an extremely stable condition during cutting.
      The table is driven by a servo motor in combination with the use of curvic-teeth clutch for high precision indexing.
      The pallet positions on 4 precision cones to achieve high positioning accuracy.
      ? Item Utit TH-630
      Travel X-axis travel mm 1050
      Y- axis travel mm 850
      Z- axis travel mm 1000
      Table Working surface mm 630 x 630
      No. of tables pcs 2
      Table surface type type 24-M16Pitch125
      Table indexing unit degree 1o (0.001o Optional)
      Repeatability sec. ± 1”
      Table height from floor mm 1315
      Max. workpiece size mm ?1000
      Max. table load kg 1200
      Max. height of workpiece mm 1000
      Spindle Spindle speed rpm 6000 (4500 Optional)
      Spindle type ? Belt (Direct-drive / Gear Optional)
      Spindle nose taper mm 7/24 Taper, No.50
      Spindle center to table surface mm 100 ~ 950
      Spindle nose to table center mm 150 ~ 1150
      Spindle nose taper ? BT50
      Inside dia. of spindle bearing mm ?100
      Feed Rate Rapid traverse (X, Y, Z-axis) M/min 24 (30 Optional)
      Cutting feed rate M/min 1 ~ 10
      Auto Tool Changer Tool shank type ? BT50
      Tool storage capacity tools 40 (60/90/120 Optional)
      Max. tool diameter mm ?115
      Max. tool dia.(adjacent empty tool) mm ?230
      Max. tool weight kg 20
      Max. tool length mm 400
      Tool change time(tool to tool) sec. 3.2 (60Hz)
      Auto Pallet Changer No. of pallets piece 2
      Pallet change type ? Rotary type
      Pallet change time sec 18
      Machine Dimensions Machine height mm 3540
      Area occupied mm 4820 x 6820
      Machine weight kg 23000


      • Rotary type automatic pallet changer (APC)
      • 1° indexing rotary table
      • Link type chip conveyor with chip bucket
      • 40 tools chain type magazine
      • BT-50, 6000rpm belt-drive spindle
      • Spindle oil cooler
      • Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet
      • Automatic lubrication system
      • Fully enclosed splash guard
      • Mitsubishi or Fanuc CNC control
      • Leveling bolts and blocks
      • Tool box
      • Operation and maintenance manual
      • Spindle air curtain
      • Top flushing device
      • Chip augers (both sides)
      • Coolant jets around spindle
      • Simple oil fluid separator
      • Three-color warning lamp
      • Working light


      • 0.001° indexing rotary table
      • 60/90/120 tools chain type magazine
      • #50, 4500rmp gear-drive spindle
      • #50, 8000~12000rpm direct-drive spindle
      • #50, 10000rpm built-in type spindle
      • Coolant through spindle device (20 bar)
      • Coolant through spindle device (70 bar)
      • Linear scales on three axes
      • Oil fluid separator
      • Air conditioner for electrical cabinet
      • Automatic tool measuring device
      • Automatic workpiece measuring device
      • Transformer
      • Oil mist collector
      • Rotary table with T-slots
      • CE specifications