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      Laser Cutting Machine TL4000

      Laser Cutting Machine TL4000

      Laser Cutting Machine

      Gantry Type Structure

      New Generation Optic Compensation System

      • Gantry type structure features maximum rigidity and stability.
      • With the use of a new generation flying laser all time constant length optional path compensation system, laser power output at any position on a plane can be accurately controlled, thereby achieving the optimal beam quality. This results in higher quality and efficiency of cutting that fully meets the requirement of extra high speed cutting.

      Dust Collection System

      The use of the automatic follow-up dust collection system is able to quickly and efficiently collect the powder dust and waste gases generated during the cutting process, this making the working environment free of powder dust and free from air pollution.

      Automatic Switching of Assist Gases

      Automatic Pressure Adjustment

      Depending on the material type and thickness, the controller can choose the correct cutting gas. For example: Oxygen cuts carbon steel and thick materials, Nitrogen cuts stainless steel and aluminum, and air cuts acrylic.

      • Doors at both sides can be fully opened, allowing sheets to be loaded/unload from desired direction.
      • Equipped with two(large) exchangeable tables to shorten the time in loading and unloading different thickness of sheet metal, contributing improved production efficiency.
      • Designed with rack and pinion drive at both sides in combination with synchronous control through FANUC servo motor. Optimal accuracy is ensured when performing simultaneous movement at high speed.
          Item Unit TL-4000
        working range X axis mm 3050 (-150~3060)
      Y axis mm 1530 (-6~1536)
      Z axis mm 100
      work piece Maximum size mm 3048*1525
      Maximum weight Kg 950
      Machine Size/Weight Machine dimension Length mm 10000
      Width with control table mm 3912
      Height mm 2400
      Shuttle tables X axis length mm 3460
      Y axis length mm 2480
      Table height mm 880
      Number of table PCS 2
      table type SHUTTLE
      weight Machine approx.mass Kg 11000
      Capacity Max-Traverse Speed X axis m/min 80
      Y axis m/min 80
      Z axis lowering speed m/min 30
      Cutting speed X-axis
      m/min 20
      Accuracy Position accuracy X-axis
      mm ±0.05
      Z-axis mm ±0.01
      Reposition accuracy X-axis
      mm ±0.05
        Resonator Model   FANUC Laser C4000i-C
      transmission method       Flying Optic
      Lens Focus   in 5、7.5
      Thickness   in 0.31
      Assist gases Nitrogen   Bar 25
      Oxygen   Bar 10
      Dry air   Bar 10
      CNC Controller controller model       FANUC 31i-LB
      Axes       X、Y、Z、A、B、U
      Number of controllable axes       4 axes:X/Y/Z/A
      Screen       15" LCD
      Memory capacity       1024 KB (2,560m)
      Drive Motor   Kw 65
      Power Requirments     AC 3ph 200/220V ±10% 50/60Hz
      Table Movement Up/Down hydraulic system Bar 61
      Air compressor system Bar 5
      • Specifications are subjects to change without prior notice.
      • The cutting speed of X and Y axes depends on workpiece materials, specifications, sizes and profiles.


      • Water-wash Type Dust Collector
      • Air Cooled Water Cooler