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      Basic Model TL3015

      Laser Cutting Machine TL3015

      Laser Cutting Machine

      • User friendly
      • Fast cutting speed, low operating cost and fast return on investment.
      • Auto Edge finding. Effectively used in big sheets.
      • The electric energy conversion heat energy conversion rate is high, and an effective power saving effect is achieved.
      • Low Maintenance. without adjustments of light path and reflect lens, no service requirements.
      • Closed Frame Base with Gantry Type (Dual-Drive) Integrated Servo Control System to Increase Working Speed and Efficiency.
      • Double Working Table Saves Loading/Unloading Time and Increase Productivity.
      • Full Covered Machine Body with OD6+ Fiber Protection Safety Glass Window Ensure the Operator Safety and Effectively controls the Laser Radiation in the Environments, Good Light Probation.
      Model Unit TL3015-12 TL3015-20 TL3015-25 TL3015-30
      Resonator W 1200 2000 2500 3000
      Movement method   3xes simultaneausly controlled
      Control method   Cypcut+Advantech controller
      Machining range(X*Y) mm 1500*3000
      Travel(X*Y*Z) mm 1525*3050*150
      Acceleration   1.5G
      Min.positioning accuracy(X/Y) mm 0.05/500
      Repeatability accuracy mm ±0.02
      Laser head   Manual focus adjustment/Automatic (OP)
      Table type   Pallet Changer
      Pallet change time s 10~15
      Machining dimensions(L*W*H) mm 5100×2285×2400/8300×2285×2400(OP)
      Machining accuracy   ±0.10
      Machine weight kg 7000
      High Reflective Material

      Carbon Steel
      Model TL3015 / 4020
      Product Metal gasket Auto mobile accessories
      Material Stainless steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass Carbon steel
      Assistive Gas Nitrogen Oxygen
      • High reflective material : stainless steel, Aluminum, copper, brass.